In a world of ordinary, be a wonder! Awaken your senses and experience superior dark results with the enhanced 65X Invincible Bronzer for the ultimate gorgeous color. There is more than meets the eye with the Encapsulated Charcoal Beads for a revitalizing burst of purity. Others will marvel at your flawless finish with the Hero Contour Complex and Super-3 Silicone Technology. Embrace your inner superhero and remember, with great power comes great color!

  • Enhanced 65X Invincible Bronzer: Designer Skin’s powerful combination of instant and enhanced delayed bronzing ingredients deliver results immediately upon application with long lasting color that continues to build while tanning.
  • Encapsulated Charcoal Beads: Bursting beads filled with potent Activated Charcoal help to revitalize and clarify skin.
  • Hero Contour Complex: Formulated with Garcinia, a fruit high in antioxidants, this exotic botanical naturally produces an abundant ingredient renowned for
    its ability to help in the process of breaking down fats. The complex aids in accelerating skin’s natural ability to tone and define for a sculpted look.
  • Super3 Silicone Technology: Combines 3 different silicones to provide triple moisturizing power for prolonged color, while feeling lightweight and allowing skin to breathe. Formulated to leave skin feeling silky, while providing optical blurring for a flawless finish.

Fragrance: Paradise Coconut & Musk

13.5 Fl Oz / 0.5 Fl Oz