There’s no reason to force results with this Dual Dark Bronzer that easily applies to deliver instant and delayed color results. The Invigorating Cooling Essence helps draw heat away from the skin for a cool, revitalized after-feel. All eyes will be on you as the Ultra-Toning Blend helps tone for a stunning and vibrant silhouette, while the Conditioning Complex guards against free radicals revealing a youthful complexion. With color that lasts, Intimidation™ will definitely keep pale away!

  • Dual Dark Bronzer that utilizes Caramel and DHA, blended with Silicone, for flawless application and dark color results.
  • Invigorating Cooling Essence soothes and imparts a refreshed feeling to the skin.
  • Ultra-Toning Blend combines Caffeine and Ginseng Extract to help tone and brighten for a vibrant, glowing complexion.
  • Conditioning Complex blends Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin A to help protect and strengthen the skin for a radiant, youthful appearance.
  • ATO Inhibitor

Fragrance: Zen Passion

8.5 oz / 0.5 oz