Private Reserve Power Couple™

You’re great by yourselves, but even better together! Made for you and you boo, this Dream Team Dark Bronzer will give you long-lasting dark color results. Real Deal Skincare Technology helps protect and perfect skin, while Quadruple Silicone Complex improves the formula’s effectiveness and smooths skin. Vitamin Fusion provides essential nutrients for healthy-looing skin, as Intense Moisture Blend ensures dark color for days longer. You are #relationshipgoals and #tangoals too!
“I wanted to create a lotion for couples that both people could use and love. Using this bronzer will make any duo a Power Couple™! Xoxo” – Jenni Farley
  • Dream Team Dark Bronzer: dynamic blend that helps stimulate melanin production, impart a rich, dark hue to the skin with Caramel, Melanin, and Black Walnut Shell, and develop streak-free, longer-lasting color with DHA and Erythrulose
  • Real Deal Skincare Technology: allantoin, Grape Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil help provide skin with a perfected, toned and healthy appearance
  • Quadruple Silicone Complex: luxurious blend of Silicones help enhance the formula’s effectiveness and hydrate skin for prolonged color
  • Intense Moisture Blend: powerful combination of hydrating ingredients seal-in moisture for longer-lasting gorgeous color

Fragrance: Electric Citrus

13.5 Fl Oz / 0.5 Fl Oz