Untamed color is now a thing of the past! Unrelenting Dark Bronzing Blend ensures immediate color results and darker, developed bronzed goodness. Defend your color with the Wild Plum Fusion that harnesses the power of three Australian Plums that provide powerful antioxidants for a fierce, gorgeous complexion. Give tattoos a decadent gulp of hydration with ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology to provide vibrancy to all your beautiful works of art! Top it all off with Purrfection Finish Primer to leave skin free of imperfections for an overall alluring appearance. Go ahead, be passionate and Ferocious™!

  • Unrelenting Dark Bronzing Blend combines DHA and Caramel to provide instant and delayed darker color
  • Wild Plum Fusion utilizes three Australian super fruit plums that blend together to help guard against free radicals and nourish for a golden glow
  • ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology features a luxurious blend of Tiger Grass and Cocoa Butter that work to hydrate and protect for more vivacious ink
  • Purrfection Finish Primer fills in imperfections and evens skin tone for a purrfect bronzed hue
  • Formulated to combat against ATO

Fragrance: Brazen Berry

8.5 Fl Oz / 0.5 Fl Oz