JWOWW Hypoallergenic DHA Bronzer

Make your skin a priority by only giving it the best. This Hypoallergenic DHA Bronzer with instant color provides your skin the love it needs while delivering a natural glow. Supreme Skincare Technology contains Kahai Oil that helps hydrate, tone and age-defy plus supports the skin’s barrier. Enhanced Ink-Drink™ Complex helps soothe skin and moisturize tattoos for vibrant ink colors, and Intense Moisture Blend helps seal in moisture for longer lasting color results.

“I’m always looking for the best skincare in my products. I love this clean formula because it provides natural ingredients without sacrificing a gorgeous tan! Xoxo” JWOWW – Jenni Farley

  • Breathtaking Bronzing Blend: A blend of DHA and Caramel delivers both instant and delayed color to provide a natural glow on well-conditioned, hydrated skin.
  • Supreme Skincare Technology: Kahai Oil is known to have age-defying properties and helps to hydrate, tone and smooth the skin. It contains Vitamin A, E and several fatty acids to help support the skin barrier.
  • Enhanced Ink-Drink™ Complex: From her original complex, Shea Butter, rich in Vitamin A and E, helps neutralize free radicals while softening and moisturizing skin. Raspberry Extract protects the brilliance of tattoos by reducing color damage. Now enhanced with Cupuacu Butter, to help provide soothing and smoothing benefits while hydrating for vibrant ink colors.
  • Intense Moisture Blend: Powerful combination of humectant and emollients, including Murumuru Seed Butter, helps draw and seal in moisture to rehydrate skin for a
    smooth, silky feel and allows color development to last days longer.
  • ATO Inhibitor: Witch Hazel is used to help prevent after-tan odors from developing.

Fragrance: Hypoallergenic Apple

13.5 Fl Oz / 0.5 Fl Oz