Vital™ DHA Bronzer

Surround yourself with Vital™ Detoxifying DHA Bronzer! DHA and Caramel found in the Pure Color Complex provide a wonderous glow while Shea Butter helps hydrate and smooth the skin. Clear Cleanse Blend offers clarity with Charcoal, White Clay and Vitamin C helping to detoxify and protect against free radicals. Caffeine revitalizes the skin, balancing tonicity. Let the Natural Moisture Blend rejuvenate your appearance by supporting the skin’s barrier, keeping it soft and smooth. Your skin matters, give it what it needs with Vital™ Collection!

  • Pure Color Complex: Caramel and DHA create clean enticing color while Shea Butter helps prepare the skin for a vivacious tan. Caramel gives instant lovely, color while the DHA provides a long lasting gradual tan.
  • Clear Cleanse Blend: A detoxifying combination of Charcoal, White Clay and Vitamin C help bring balance to the skin by clarifying and absorbing pollutants, helping to protect against free radicals.
  • Caffeine: While supporting skin’s hydration, Caffeine also provides antioxidant properties for a youthful appearance by helping support skin tonicity.
  • Natural Moisture Blend: Coconut Oil combines with a vitamin-rich natural moisturizing ingredient to help support the skin’s barrier by retaining moisture, rendering it soft and smooth to the touch.

Fragrance: Citrus Breeze

10 Fl Oz / 0.5 Fl Oz